Tip Harrison Weber

There are many ways to get in touch, the most secure of which is by sending an encrypted email. I'm flexible. Pick whatever method works for you.

Normal ways to get in touch

Slightly secure ways to get in touch

The following tools may be more private than traditional emails and social networks, but likely aren't secure from secret agents, hackers or robots from the future.

Send a PGP-Encrypted Email

I use PGP — Pretty Good Privacy. PGP appears complicated at first, but it's actually not too difficult to use.

To send a PGP email to h@harrisonweber.com with your mail client (e.g.: Apple Mail), read this guide (Note: I do not recommend you use Gmail for PGP emails, because of this bug. Also make sure to not save drafts on your mail server).

You will need my public key (below). Send encrypted emails to: h@harrisonweber.com.

Public key: